speaking of pretty little liars..

no one else seemed to noticed the blonde girl in the red dress walking into the party after the liars and then she walking beside them when they decide to split up and then the same girl sitting right next to emily while she’s talking to paige. seriously? am I the only one that saw her? I thought she would be -A, since she’s the only person no one’s looking for. they were too busy keeping an eye on Jenna, Lucas and the girl in the black swan dress, that didn’t even see her! 

and by the way, the black swan girl ISN’T PREGNANT. if it was Melissa, her belly should’ve shown, right? or… the whole pregnancy is fake or she wasn’t the girl. besides, she appears as herself while they found “Maya’s” body, so… hanna even said “tall, size 2. I hate her already” which means SHE COULDN’T BE PREGNANT!!!

Wednesday, 21 of March, 2012
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    Yes, I think I know who it is ;]
  3. lastnightts said: the woman with the black swan dress looked like ashley marin aka hanna’s mother!! srsly it’d be so ahsdkjahsfj awesome
  4. longandflat said: yeah i noticed that girl too. suspicious. I don’t think that the black swan was melisa either…looking close it seems like she could be Ashley, hanna’s mom…but that doesn’t make much sense XD