When Stark changed into a wolf, his northmen did the same. The mark of the beast was on them all.



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#buffy’s usually so chipper so it’s easy to forget things like this  #the safety of sunnydale residents is HER responsibility  #and this weighs on her shoulders every single second  #but she never complains  #and would never choose to give it up  #she just goes on fighting and protecting with everything she has  #:’)  (via claudiablacks​)

#remember this is the ep directly after Innocence  #so Buffy just got a real taste of how far her responsibility goes  (via ladiesorgtfo​)


foggy paris, n.d. [original]

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Top sixteen favourite One Tree Hill Characters, as voted by our followers: 
#15: Dan Scott


Thomas Brodie Sangster for Interview magazine 

Photographer: Van Sarki



Daniel Radcliffe at Venice (for the 2013 Film Festival) photographed by Luca Locatelli 

"I know that Finnick can’t focus on anything in 13 because he’s trying so hard to see what’s happening in the Capitol to Annie, the mad girl from his district who’s the only person on earth he loves." - (insp.)

If I wanted to go to a rave, I’d get a time machine and go back to the 90’s.

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We’re all h  u  m  a  n, aren’t we? Every human life is worth the same, and worth saving.